Harlotte - Afterglow Foundation

AfterGlow Foundation is a creamy, highly moisturizing formula free from mineral oil, talc, parabens and artificial colourants. It is specifically formulated for long wear yet gentle to the skin and is rich in vitamins and antioxidants for a healthy radiant complexion. Our sensitive formulas are perfect for any skin type, creating beautiful faces for every day wear, weddings and photoshoots. AfterGlow comes in 5 skin perfecting shades, H1 through to H5

How to: After moisturising, apply a small amount to face with a sponge or makeup brush. This medium to full coverage foundation can be layered to build coverage.


H1 – Fair Complexion
H2 – Fair/Medium Complexion
H3 – Medium Complexion
H4 – Medium/Dark Complexion
H5 – Dark Complexion


    Harlotte - Black Beauty Gel Liner Pot

    The blackest of black Gel Liner. Create a beautiful winged eye with ease, our “Black Beauty” Gel Liner formula glides effortlessly onto the eyelids to deliver a precise wing with a flake-free finish. Or create the boldest of smokey eyes for dramatic impact.

    Extremely pigmented, long-wearing waterproof formula, this versatile gel liner is a must for any makeup bag.


      Harlotte - Bronzer

      A super soft and silky long-lasting powder that delivers a sexy summer glow all year around. Gorgeous natural colour.

      Harlotte How To: Dust lightly with large powder brush. Beautifully applied over the declotage area...



        Harlotte - Flawless Complexion Gel

        Velvet soft skin is here!

        This amazing, technically advanced, antioxidant enriched formulation evens out skin tone and reduces the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles revealing flawless soft skin.

        This water-resistant tinted primer works to lock in moisture and prevents shine, perfect for creating a matte finish. 15ml bottle.


          Harlotte - Translucent Blot Powder

          Prefer a matte finish?

          This lightweight, shine-absorbing, oil-free formulation is great for all skin types. Natural finish leaves skin looking even and flawless, without cakiness

            Sold Out

            Harlotte - Flawless Concealer

            Flawless Concealer 1 is the lightest of the two shades.
            Flawless Concealer 2 is the darker of the two shades. 

            It’s amazing stay-put formula is perfect for covering flaws.  The wand makes application easy and precise.


              Harlotte - Ego Highlighter

              Ego Highlighter is a beautiful loose dust cheek highlighter with subtle gold tones.

              Harlotte’s favourite product.  A must for every beauty case.


                Harlotte - Brow Threesome

                Colour-match the perfect brow with our Eyebrow Threesome.

                Great for blondes, brunettes and redheads.

                Harlotte How To: Best used with a slanted eyebrow brush...


                  Harlotte - Afterglow Luminosity

                  With unique light reflecting properties, Harlotte’s AfterGlow Luminosity delivers a superstar glow, highlighting your face in all the right places.

                  How To: Add a pea size drop to your AfterGlow Foundation and mix in.  Apply to face with a sponge or makeup brush. Layer to build coverage.


                    Harlotte Aura - Rose Gold Face & Body Glow

                    For an unforgettable luminous glow, apply to the upper cheekbones, bridge of nose, cupid's bow and centre of bottom lip.

                    Dab along collarbone and shoulders for that red carpet glow.

                    Free of parabens, mineral oil and talc. Animal friendly.